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Hey Everyone,

I know this is like the same song and dance that most of us go through on this site, I remember years ago when I was taking my ASN NCLEX test, using this site as a guide and stress reliever. As it goes, I hate tests, who loves them right? I have about 3 weeks before I take my certification exam AANP. BUT....I have used all the resources, Fitzgerald review with CDS, fitzgerald book and Leik....board vitals (so far like the set up) predictor tests, exam edge, APEA, the list goes on. I guess since I reviewed all the systems and the closer I test the more I am getting brain overload, nervous, etc. But still you think my scores would reflect some positive results.....Any final tips for those of you such as myself who are not the best at tests. I am more of a hands on learner, re-caller, verbal. I only hope that any advice that is used could help future NPs and relieve the anxiety of all the blood,sweat and tears we been through.

Thank you and best wishes:up:

If anyone was feeling like I am now with the exam, did you reschedule for a later date like push it out another 2-3 weeks to give you more time to see changes in your practice exams? Thank you


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What scores are you getting on the predictor exams?

any questions that I missed I wrote the answer down so that I could go back and study it more. APEA book of questions is excellent, those questions are challenging and so are the test. Have you done the AANP practice test? I did this and this was a confidence booster for me. You can pass this test, especially if you have studied all this material and learned what you are studying. Good Luck!!