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Help! Need work like yesterday in San Diego area...agencies not having work?


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Ok, I arrived in San Diego almost two weeks ago with no job (I know I know) and immediately met with those at the Maxim Healthcare office in San Diego. I thought they would have me available to work in two days as they insinuated. Here it is a week and a half later and just now after they say that tomorrow I can start working. Of course they don't pay daily until the first live check

I am also working with Wesley Medical Staffing for whom I worked with while I was Las Vegas. They do pay daily but it's almost been a week and every day I'm cancelled. I've been double-booked, booked for different shifts and still nothing. I know it's slow at this time of year (everyone says that) but I am literally going to be starving in a few days. I'm trying to remain optimistic but it's hard.

Anyone have any hints? or advice? Wesley seems like a smaller outfit than Maxim and I hope that when I am able to start putting myself available, they will come through. PLEASE HELP!



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Zack, I work in a Sharp ICU, we have 2 in our hospital. My unit, as of right now, has 10 patients with 2 admits coming this afternoon, and our other ICU has 13 patients. My unit is a 24 bed unit, which means we are down to 1/2 our normal census, where our other SICU is pretty much full. We normally are filled to the brim with new critical patients knocking on the door.

Yesterday, I was floated to a tele unit and we discharged 18 patients with only 3 admits ALL day long.

It is very slow right now and it has been for the past 2 months. Give Medsourse a call (858-560-9941). I used to work for them as a registry CNA and when I do see registry RNs I see quite a few from MedSource. Tell them Lyndsey sent you!

good Luck to you!

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