Help! Need advice for interview follow up!


Hi guys!

I am am a new nurse! Just graduated this May and am licensed as of early this month! Well I need some advice. I had an interview at a hospital that I did Clinicals at just last Thursday (7/10). It went great and the manager remembered me from clinical (even said she was happy to see me again) and basically told me I was one of the top contenders because she has seen me in action on the floor! I was sooo ecstatic! Well she had 5 other people to interview the week after my interview and told me a decision would not be made until probably the 25th... Which is like 2 weeks after my initial interview with her (the manager) and the hr nurse recruiter. It has been such a long wait! Anyways... My question is... I sent both the recruiter and the manager follow up thank you emails thanking them for their time and consideration etc. the evening of the interview. I was wondering... Even though the floor manager told me the 25th(this coming Friday) at the latest... Should I send an email or call the recruiter sometime this coming week to display my continued interest? Or should I just sit tight and wait for the 25th to roll around?? Please help!!


an antsy new nurse!