HELP! 2nd degree/ABSN/Student/ Financial Aid



I live in GA, and have recently graduated with BS in Biology but I found passion and want to pursue a career in nursing. I have been accepted into Chamberlain college of nursing Atlanta, Campus but now I was not able to start because I have limited financial aid. Because I have already graduated with a bachelor's degree the cap on my federal loans that I have left is less than 20k and the school, tuition is approximately 13k a year and the amount of federal loans I applied for did no JUSTICE to cover the costs.

Plan B, I tried Private Loans- Sallie Mae, Wells Fargo all have been denied, even with my mom as a cosigner, although she has great credit, she has filed for bankruptcy in the past which is greatly effecting my eligibility for loans.

Currently, I am looking for jobs that may possibly offer tuition reimbursement, and held off me starting the semeseter next term in January..I live in a rural area so it is hard to find any related jobs in my field (Biology) blah."( i can only get laboratory or research positions).

With that being said I am also considering.. possibly.. getting my RN license other ways..thru a ASN or ADN program.. then working my way up from RN-MSN bridge program. I have no problems taking of the FEDERAL STAFFORD Loans, because those loans can be forgiven..which me getting into a Masters program I will be eligible for up to 135k, an no problem financing my Education. But I do not want to waste my time, and have hard time getting a desired position because of the RN-MSN bridge..I know that BSN is desired by most employers and even some masters program. But I believe that I could atleast work.. and pay my way thru the RN program (ASN/ADN not sure the difference). Then apply for the MSN program. Any advice on how I can get funding possibly for BSN, or routes I should take that will not get me in a lot of heap of debt?? IS taking the ASN/ADN a smart, and reasonable choice?? I want to start my nursing career as soon as possible.

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Have you looked into scholarships?

Not really. I don't know what specific scholarships to look for. My gpa from my previous degree is a 2.9 not very high for most academic scholarships and i have the ultimate scholarship book but none directly for my special case