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hello all, much help and advice is needed please.

My nursing program is refusing to allow us to apply for the NCLEX exam in the state we reside. I currently live in Texas and I attended a nursing program out of state. I have a few months left to complete all my nursing courses and sit for my Hesi Exam. We were not informed that this was mandatory prior to starting the program. Can a nursing program refuse me to take my NCLEX for my home state and restrict me to take it for the state the program is in???

I'm not completely sure, but I don't think they can? I thought you could take the test anywhere you wanted, it didn't matter where you resided you where you went to school. You just tested where you wanted to be licensed and work. I don't understand how a school could tell you that you can't test in your home state and have to test in the state the program is in. YOU are the one that applies to the BON that you choose. Of course, they have to send the information into the BON that you completed the requirements, but if they refused because you weren't testing where THEY want you to, I am sure there would be some way you could work that out. This is just the craziest thing I ever heard! If it is allowed, its even crazier!

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