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Help with MRSA/C-diff isolation procedures


Help with isolation precautions for MRSA and C-diffby medpsychRN

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New isolation procedures on the med/psych unit where I am employed state patients from a nursing home or those on dialysis must have a nasal swab for MRSA.

If the swab is positive for MRSA, the patient must have a private room. A sign indicating contact precautions is posted on the door and PPE is available outside the door.

HOWEVER, if the patient has no draining wounds, they are allowed outside their room and are free to roam the milieu. This includes all patient common areas like the TV room and the lunch room. They are not allowed in the kitchen.

The same applies for C-diff.

Even though the patient is allowed out of his room, I must gown and glove before I enter his room.

Simply, I'm just not getting it. Does this make sense to anybody else?


I've worked in facilities with similar policies. Don't agree with the inconsistencies however what we did do was require the pt to wear a mask and gloves if going outside of their room. hope this helps

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No, it doesn't make much sense.

Our isolation patients are allowed to leave the room, but THEY must gown and glove if they are outside the room.

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