HELP! Miami Area Nursing Advice

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I’m a new grad from MA. I’m honestly just tired of the cold and I need a change once I graduate this May. I’m planning a move to the Miami or Boca area, but to be honest I’m very uncertain. Literally every single nurse I talk to has told me to avoid Florida at all costs, claiming it’s a nightmare as far as nursing goes. However, I can’t seem to find many people who have actually been/are nurses in Florida so I’m super uncertain. Any advice at all is appreciated, and if you’re willing to chat with me directly that would be such a huge help!! If not I’m really looking for the following:

1. Best hospitals to work at in your opinion

2. Any hospitals to avoid at all costs 

3. Any specialities you recommend or avoid? 
4. Do you feel like your license is in jeopardy on a regular basis? (Asking this one because I’ve been told I’ll lose my license if I go to Florida due to staffing/lack of recourses) 

5. I only know very basic Spanish, are there areas or hospitals you would recommend that are better for individuals who don’t speak as much Spanish? 



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Hi! I did my undergrad at UM so I’m a little biased in telling you I love Miami and the hospitals here.

1. Best hospitals are definitely UMH, Jackson, and Veteran’s— I did my clinicals in these (and others) but these are my top 3 recommendations.

2. To avoid- I can tell you in a private chat because I currently work at one and I don’t want to disclose this publicly.

3. I personally don’t like telemetry, but I feel like the specialties vary among the hospitals and it strongly depends on which units you’re passionate about. 
4. I don’t think this is true… I have never felt like it’s in jeopardy, however, in the hospitals “The patient is always right.” But in my experience, I’ve never had an issue. I know due to my peers that if you ever have any issues, HR usually reaches out to you and you have a meeting with them and explain whatever happened. They’re usually very understanding and worst case scenario, they write you up and that’s it.

5. Miami is filled with Hispanics, I can’t deny that! Howeverrr, during my clinicals at UMH and Jackson, most patients spoke English. I only spoke Spanish with maybe 2 or 3 patients during my 4 semesters. So you’ll be fine.

Have you applied to any programs? If yes, which ones?