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I have been a clinical sales nurse for the past two years. I was recently laid off from a large corporation and now find myself seeking employment. I applied at all the local hospitals with no luck, probably due to not having any recent bedside experience.

I am to start a per diem job next week working as a product educator, 100% travel. Its very similar to what I have done in the past, however, there are no benefits.

Yesterday, a recruiter called wanting me to interview for a Case Manager position, pediatric.

They are willing to train me and pay $26 a hr plus $600 car allowance. (This is about $8 less an hr than the per diem job). It has full benefits, its local, no travel.

I am really trying to decide which would be best. I love to travel, yet, I know it gets old, however, I do like the flexibility of making my own schedule and hate M-F 9-5 gigs, and taking call at night and weekends.

Really torn on what to do!

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I would jump onto the security bandwagon that the case management position seems to offer, especially if they are willing to train you. Good luck with whatever decision you end up making.

Let me ask you, which job can you see yourself doing in two years? Which job excites you more? Write down the pros and cons of each job.

Good luck with your decision!

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