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If anyone can help I would appreciate it. In our careplans we need to try and understand what can cause lows and highs in different areas. I have a patient who has a right middle cerebral artery, she as a bladder infection, she is on a foley catheter, she has hypertension, etc. The one thing i could not figure out was elevated Eosinaphils and abs. Eosinaphils. I know that these are usually elevated in the event of a parasite or allergic reaction. There has not be any reference of either in her chart. Does anyone know what else can cause the elevation. Usually the neutrophils and abs neutro. are usually high with a bacterial infection. I am just a little lost on this. Thank you for your help.



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This is what I found from Mosby's Diagnostic and Laboratory Test Reference, 2nd edition:

Elevated Eosinophils can be caused by: parasitic infection, allergic reaction, eczema, leukemia, and autoimmune disease.

Hope that helps!

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the answer is in knowing and understanding the biology of the white blood cells and the inflammation response. anytime there is tissue injury, as in a right middle cerebral artery infarct, or infection, as in a bladder infection, the inflammatory response is initiated. the inflammatory response involves the mobilization of white blood cells. there are several types of white blood cells. they are soldiers and are called into service as needed and if the inflammatory response is so massive or prolonged that initial wbcs that responded have gotten depleted. there is a turn around time for synthesis and replacement of all cells. - components of the immune system

also see this explanation of the inflammation response:


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Thank you very much for your help.


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These sights are wonderful. Thank you very much.

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