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Hi all,

I recently left a job on a med surg floor that I'd had for 9 years. Took a job with a pretty well known home health agency and was promised oh so many things: weekend baylor position (work 24 paid 36); salaried, etc. Worked for nearly 2 weeks for this new company and was then told that:

1. there are no longer any salaried field staff

2. i could stay on weekends but would be paid pervisit and

3. in order to be considered full time, i had to come in for at least another 12 hrs during the week.

WOW! I am in complete shock that they can do this! I could not do another 12 hrs during the week as I homeschool my children (the reason I have to do weekends!) The next day, I called my former employer and was welcomed back with open arms.

My question is, what can I do to prevent this from happening to other people? How can they get away with the lies, for lack of a better term?

Please advise!


Sherrie in SC


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WOW, I am really sorry that this happened to you, I'm sure it is aweful!! Was there a change in management at all?? I'm not positive but can't companies change policies as they see fit?? I know the one place I worked was constantly changing things and revising their employee manuals. Got so crazy that I finally left!!

I hope you find a solution, or a better agency to work for that will treat you better!!!

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I am happy to read that you were at least welcomed back at your old job.

As far as preventing it from happening again to other people ... Sometimes, you have to remind yourself that you can't change the world and make everything perfect for everybody. You probably learned a valuable lesson or two through this experience -- lessons about getting the terms of employment in writing when they involve anything "special" and about maintaining a good relationship with your current/past employer as you leave a job.

Some people will have to make that same mistake (about not getting special promises in writing) before they learn the same lesson. That's sad for them, but there is probably little you can do about that. However, some people can learn from your mistake if you share your story with them -- your co-workers, people on this list, etc. By sharing your story with people, you probably are helping others avoid similar problems in the future.

Good luck to you,



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Get every part of your offer in writing.

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