Help!! licensing & moving from VA to SC


Hey everyone. I am graduating in August and take my NCLEX in September. I was already offered a job (pending passing the NCLEX) at Palmetto Healthcare Richland ER on October 25th. I live in Virginia which I know is a compact state. So if I go ahead and fulfill all requirements for licensure here...I am able to work in SC too? However, what else do I need to do? I know I have to send paper work and a transcript to the SC Board of Nursing anyway and do their background check. However, my big question is, I am moving down to Columbia to work. Once I move down there, even though I will (hopefully) have VA license, do I need to apply for endorsement? Im sorry for the million questions. The websites for SC, VA and NLC is just jumbling info up on me and making me overwhelmed! If anyone knows what to do and has done it, help will be greatly appreciated :)


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If you are licensed in VA, and your license grants you multi-state privileges, you will be able to work in SC on your VA license for either 30 or 90 days (state dependent). When you relocate to SC you will have to apply for licensure by endorsement with the SC BON. Once you receive your SC license, your VA license will become inactive as you can only maintain one compact license with multi-state privileges. There is a form that you need to complete and return to the SC BON if you will work on your VA license, however as you are relocating you might be exempt from this.

While you generally are unable to apply for licensure in any compact state if your legal residence is another compact state. However, as you are definitely relocating to SC you might contact the SC BON regarding obtaining your initial licensure there. If not, when you complete your application for RN Licensure by Endorsement, you have the option of requesting a temporary permit that is good for 60 days.

Best of luck with your relocation and new job!