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:uhoh3: I need some information and/or advice quickly if anyone can please help. A local college decided to move from the Associate Degree RN to the Bachelor Degree RN program about two years ago. The catch is that they can only do that if another college in the area picks up the Associate program (which my college did). Obviously when you start a new program like this, you need to show interest/need and the first couple of times out all applicants get accepted. I know that you must graduate your first group before you are able to apply for accreditation (which we just did). However, the NCLEX pass rates were dismal due to all program applicants being accepted and now we're on probation of some sort. I'm now afraid that we will not receive accreditation and that I will have invested all of this time and money for nothing. I'm due to start the program in January and it's set up so weird (1 RN class per semester that covers everything and is worth 9hr) I'm afraid that my credits won't transfer if I have to go elsewhere. Can anyone tell me what happens if your school fails to gain accreditation? Furthermore, how do I find out the status of our program? We've been asking deans and directors for over a year now and no one will talk about it! HELP!


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I too would be nervous. I am a student as well but part of my interview with the school was me asking that very question. Although that was my situation, your situation is that you are already in that situation.

Here is what I can give you. These are the accreditation sites. You can contact them and see where and why your school is in this situation. You can also contact you state BON (board of nursing) and they will tell you information about your school. You, as a student, have the right to know what situation your school has itself in. I contacted FBON and they told me everything I wanted to know about my school. They will assist you and they could be able to help you come up with some resolution that won't require you having to retake anything.



I hope this helps you a little. Keep us posted.

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