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Just signed up with a new travel company ( first time traveling) They are offering pay not less than 31.00/hr, depending on area. Housing up to 1400.00/month, depending on the area (if I find cheaper housing on my own, the balance can be paid to me in higher wages or in a tax free stipend), 250.00/wk in meals and incidentals. Travel expenses paid 1/2 at start of assignment and 1/2 at end of assignment. Free health insurance, although it sucks (they are getting a new plan) PTO of 3.08 hrs/wk based on a 36 hr week. 100% reimbursement for nsg license. Help paying for rental car if needed(not sure of the terms) This all sounds good to me, but since It is my first travel assignment, I don't know if this is a typical, great, or a poor offer??? I need advice from experienced travelers. Also, as I will receive a 1099 for any tax free income, can I claim this at the end of the year or do I have to do quarterly taxes. I will maintain my permanent house if that matters. Thanks to all, this site has been a life saver for educating myself on this endeavor.


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First off, every assignment will pay something different, you need to ask up front what you will be getting as any hourly wage. Ask if the hospital will let you work OT and if you get paid time and a half. Most companies will offer free insurance for the traveler, some are good insurance policies others are pretty poor.

If you find your own housing or stay with a friend you can take the subsidy, it too will vary from location to location. This is because of the varying cost of living in the different areas of the country. If you want to qualify for "tax advantage" you must have a permanent residence, a house or apt that you are responsible to maintain. This is part of the IRS regulations. Per diem or what you are allowed per day is based on about 30 - 35 dollars aday. Keep all of your receipts for tax time. Most companies will reimburse you for your license, CEUs, Certifications, etc. Keep your receipts. Car rentals are usually if you are working in Alaska or HI. Most of us drive to our assignments. You will wind up paying for the car rental one way or another.

Your first assignment is difficult and scary. But it's also exciting. Take your time and find the right company. Your recruiter is your life line. Make sure everything and I do mean everything is in writing. It will save you a lot of headaches.

Don't rush into signing your contract, take 24 -48 hrs to consider if it's the right one for you. Ask questions of your recruiter and of the hospital when you interview.

I hope this helps, I had to learn alot of lessons the hard way, but I love what I do and I enjoy the challenge.

Good luck


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