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Help! Irish nurse- can't get registered, can't get a CNA job. Any advice?

by Nic88 Nic88 (New) New Nurse

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My questions may seem silly but I am totally clueless as I have just moved here (California) from the UK (I'm originally from Ireland) and everything is soooo different!

So I moved here in November '14. I applied to the BRN to get approval to take the NCLEX RN the end of that month. In APRIL I got a letter saying I have to go back to college and take psych and obstetrics as my Irish degree was found to be deficient in this. Fair enough.. I proceed to looking for a place to do the courses.. Four places out of about fifty colleges (not exaggerating!) said I could be put on a waiting list but no guarantee I will ever get a place. The list is long apparently! Best case scenario, I finish next summer then take the NCLEX.

Meanwhile I decided to apply for Nursing assistant/ medical assistant / unit secretary jobs and everything remotely similar. I think I have counted that I've done 80 or more applications now and have had a grand total of ZERO interviews! I called the HR department of one of the hospitals after giving it some time. They were very sweet and looked at my profile and applications. They said they could not see any reason why I haven't been considered for any roles. She said she thought it may be that they skimmed my profile and saw that I was a nurse not a cna etc and i was being overlooked. She said leave it with her and she will make sure I'm on the radar. Still nothing a week later however. I have also emailed the other places I have applied to as unable to talk to them via the phone, but no response.

Do I need to do a CNA course or something to be able to do this job? Surely my experience and degree will make me more than qualified for it? I have 5 years of experience as an RN. The lady I spoke to said she didn't think I needed to do anything aside from AHA BLS (which I have done).

I am also looking in to applying to take the NCLEX PN. I have asked the BRN and they said I can keep my RN application open and have copies of my documents sent over to the LVN board. Does anybody know if I can qualify for this with my BSN alone or will I have to get proof of my experience also. I can do this but I would rather not as I know it will make the process much longer. My past managers were very over stretched and I know it will take ages for them to find time to do the paperwork for me. Plus the mailing times between US and UK can take a while.

I am sorry for such a long post but I am so desperate for advice on any of

these issues! I could have only ever dreamt of living and working in California and now I am so close but yet so far!

By the way I know this post sounds kinda negative but i do still think California is awesome! X

You will need a CNA course, yes. Good news is that they are usually only 6-12 weeks in duration and very affordable, so just look in your area to see what is offered. Many tech and vocational schools offer it .