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HELP! Interviewing for My Second Choice


Hi guys! I'm 68 days to graduation and beginning my first Job Search, and I've got a question about interviews.

I currently work as a clerk at Hospital A and am hoping to land an RN position there once I pass my boards. I love the hospital culture and the pay and benefits are the best in my area, plus there is plenty of room for advancement later on in my career. I can honestly see myself in Hospital A for the rest of my professional life.

Of course, like any new grad, at this point I'm just looking for a job, so I've been in contact with several nurse recruiters and will be going on interviews at Hospitals A, B, and C soon.

I'm sure the interviewers from Hospitals B and C are going to see my current employment at Hospital A and ask me why I want a job with them instead of my current employer. My question is how do I answer without lying or misleading them?

amb218, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, Critical Care. Has 6 years experience.

Just be honest...I mean, I'm sure there's a reason that you also applied to Hospital B and C as in you like the hospital and could also see yourself working there. Just tell them why you want to work there...you don't need to explain yourself and say that they're not your first choice or anything. Obviously, if you get the job at Hospital A, then it would be professional to let hospitals B and C know as soon as possible so they can pursue other candidates.