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Hello Parish Nurses,

My name is Gwen. I am a RN in West Virginia University's RN to BSN program and I am in Community Health Nursing class. For my current assignment we are to interview someone in a particular community health role and I picked: parish nursing or faith community health nursing because I believe this type of nursing serves as an important role for their communities.

I would greatly appreciate if someone would respond to this online interview.


1. What is your name and title or you can respond "Anonymous Parish RN" if you would like to remain anonymous. What credentials did you need to become a parish nurse?

2. How many years have you served as a parish nurse and where?

3. Are you paid or unpaid for your nursing services in this area?

4. What is your role as a parish nurse for your community?

5. Are you involved in any outreach ministries or wellness programs? What are they and what is your role as parish nurse in these ministries?

6. Do you belong to any Foundations in the Faith Nursing Community?

7. What is your favorite thing about being a Parish RN?

Once again, if anyone would so greatly answer these questions for me, I couldn't thank-you enough. With Sincerely Thanks, Gwen, RN

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I'm not a parish nurse so can't help you, but I just googled "parish nurses in [my city]." I found a local parish nursing org, complete with directory. If you did the same, I'm sure you could find someone. (I just saw your post was from a month ago so hopefully the assignment isn't due yet.)



Specializes in OB-labor & delivery, teaching,. Has 43 years experience. 2 Posts handles Faith Community Nursing. International Parish Nurse Resource Center (IRNPC). may be too late for the assignment, but resources for someone in the future