Help! I'm was an LPN turned RN.


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Hi! I am an LPN turned RN, recent grad, I am currently working at the same LTC facility that I worked as an LPN and I am finding the transition extremely difficult. Some people are expecting too much, too soon. Some don't respect me at all. I get the feeling that many of my coworkers feel that since I'm an RN, I should take on more bulk of the work since I'm higher paid. In addition, I finnd the CNAs whispering snippy comments like, " oh! she thinks she can tell us what do do now since she's an RN." ugh! I'm so frustrated! HELP!!!!


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RelaX and stick to the policies of the facility. Ignore those snippy comments and do your best and at the same time protect your license. They have to respect you if you command respect.


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As a new RN grad, it may benefit you to look for a position in a hospital in order for you to obtain some acute care experience and orient into the leadership role of an RN. Sometimes it is difficult for co-workers to accept that you have elevated your position in the heirachy. And please do as goodstudentnowRN says and PROTECT YOUR LICENSE! You have worked too hard for it. And I know from experience that LTC facilities are subject to state investigations at any time if there are complaints, and if all your documentation is not on point, that could affect your facility and you. So be careful.