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Help I'm a liberal arts student at bmcc and they won't put me as Undeclared Health

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Liberal arts student at bmcc 2016 want to be a undeclared health student . I am still required to take prerequisites. However I spoke to my last advisor and the nursing department they told me they don't have UDH programs for students anymore. You have to be liberal arts. It doesn't make any sense to me because there are students in my classes are udh students. Am I'm correct that u have to be a udh student in order to apply to the nursing program not liberal arts?

amoLucia specializes in LTC.

Who is BMCC?

There was probably a program change that accounts for the fact that you have have student colleagues who were admitted under the 'old' program's rules.

As a rule of thumb, you are responsible for whichever rules are in force at the time of you admission. Sadly, you'll also be responsible for prior rules when it so suits the agency's whims.

Such is school-life, although sometimes not all schools play that game.

Good luck!


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