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HELP! I have to take the DET instead of the HESI a2 by NOV 1st!


I found a school that I could take a speedy A&P course just for the LVN Program but it is Non Credit. Anyway I am doing great and thought I had everything set because I have been studying for the HESI a2 (bought their guide) thinking I had until December to take it, NOW I find out they didn't want to use the HESI anymore and now we are going with the DET and the applications are being take on Nov 1st the same day they are offering the DET for the first time. I cannot find a good study guide for it....has anyone take this recently? Please help I am pretty tied down to this school for now and can't afford to wait much longer to get in the other schools around here ask for 5 basics that will take a whole year to complete (I couldn't get in due to money issues)...anyway

I need help thought I'd ask here.