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I'm about to start my junior year at a purely liberal arts college in New York and I have always thought about nursing but always discounted myself and pursued other things. Now I am thinking about it seriously again but here I am, in the middle of an economics major at a liberal arts college. I'm an adult student, I was a hospital coordinator for a pediatric hospital ER in Seattle for four years. I'm 26, hopefully getting married in the next year, and completely unsure what to do. Should I drop out and start attending a community college and try to get into a nursing program as soon as I can or should I finish my bachelors and look into a nursing program somewhere in Michigan later? (Michigan is where my fiance lives) My fiance is in his last semester at Kettering University in Flint and will pack everything and move down here to New York until I graduate otherwise. I know he isn't excited about the idea but he wants to be with me. I'm just afraid. What if I drop out and don't have what it takes to even get into a nursing school? I am going to have student loans to pay back and have to know that what I'm doing is the right choice. I'm a 3.0 because I struggle in math but I have passed all of my college math classes. HELP!

I would finish the degree. You are almost done and that way you'll have something to show for your hard work. Is it possible to also take some nursing school prerequisites as your electives? That way you can have your BS and also be ready to enter nursing school sooner after you graduate.

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I would finish your degree, and start taking your nursing pre-reqs at the same time. Start looking into Accelerated Second Degree BSN programs and what the pre-req's are. Apply to the programs as soon as your degree is complete... the wait list is about a year. Some schools allow you to apply if you have a degree and a portion of the pre-reqs completed. You can finish the rest during the year you are waiting to start..

Michigan has several second degree programs, through U of M, Michgan State, Oakland University and Wayne State... to name a few... Most programs are 12 - 18 months long.

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