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So here is my dilema. I'm planning on going traveling this summer. It's not set in stone as far as a job. I'm working with two different companies to see which one I like the best. My specialty is Med/Surg, but I currently work in the float pool at a hospital that I love. Yesterday my boss asked me if I want to train in the ICU. What do I do? It's the perfect time in my life for me to travel. I'm not getting any younger. However I think the ICU would be a great opportunity also.

Any suggestions?



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Get all the training you can before you begin traveling. The more you can do the more jobs that are available. You will not be trained while on a travel assignment.


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Yea, I would take the ICU training, get agood year or so under your belt and head out traveling then! ICU positions earn more traveling, and they are often times more available. Plus how good will your knowledge and skill be when you're done! You'll be super nurse!


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I agree with the rest... take the ICU position it will land you better opportunities! You only get 2pts versus 4-6 on the floors. You can really focus on your 2pts. GOOD LUCK!!!! I worked med/surg x2yrs and cardiac step down x4yr and ICU for a lil over a year and it has been the best career move. Again GOOD LUCK.... keep us posted with your decision.

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