HELP! I don't know where to buy my needed items for school


I'm starting school on the 17th of this month and I was given my list today of things to buy. I have the scrubs, shoes, watch, but i have NO CLUE where to buy the pressure cuff with storage bag, or gait belt. Also I have to buy a stethoscope and I was looking on ebay some are 3.00 and then some are 150.00.... those are MAJOR gaps. How do I know which one to buy. I don't want to go to cheap and it not work or not be acceptable. Thank you in advance!


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wow, I didn't have to have most of that for my class... but you should be able to go like a nursing/scrub/uniform store or medical supply store and they usually have that stuff.... as far as quality vs price... I say you get what you pay for... We were taught how to use them but aren't tested on BP in Wisconsin so we didn't have to purchase those things. I imagine that your future employer won't require you to bring your own cuff... so I don't think I would spend TOO much on it. As for a gait belt, you can get that at the same place BUT check out thrift shops. For some reason a lot of people in my class were able to find them at thrift stores. Just a tip... look for a bigger one. Not all of your residents and fellow students will be small and you'll want to be able to get it around them!


50 Posts is the best place, that is where I buy everything besides my scrubs and shoes.

Gait Belt - Prestige Medical $10

Sphygmometer (BP Cuff) with case - Prestige Medical $22

Stethoscope - This one is up to you, I am in nursing school so I bought a higher quality one because I use mine a lot. I use the 3M Littman Lightweight II which is about $45, but if your just going to be using it for CNA class you could get away with a Prestige Medical one which is about $10. On Amazon I just seen that they offer a combo of the stethoscope and cuff for $30.

As the previous poster said you most likely will never be required to bring your own to your work place. However I can't tell you how many times having my own stuff at work has been a life saver (sometimes literally) just because in an emergency I know where my stuff is at. I also do A LOT of vitals so me having my own stuff is nice because I know it very well and I know it works.


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Uniform stores or medical supply stores. I actually ordered my stethoscope online since that was the cheapest options. I would say 3/4 of my CNA class just purchased the cheapest stethoscope from Prestige, but the other 1/4 up graded to Littmann Classic II (~$75) since we were continuing on to nursing school.

I just got the most basic cuff. Technically our program had a few we could use in the lab but we were expected to practice at home. It was helpful to have my own once we did clinical at the nursing home since you could get vitals done a lot faster not having to wait on a cuff to become available. The floor we worked on only had 2 cuffs.