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HELP! I gotta question about LVN-RN bridge


Hi guys, I am from Southern CA San Gabriel area.

This is my first time making a thread and i thought hopefully someone can be kind enough to help answer my question. I am currently in the LVN program and will be graduating by 10/09. I plan to go get my RN right away because i definitely dont want to become lazy to go back to school. I plan to work as an LVN and go to RN skewl at the same time. With that being said, I have done some of my GE classes such as English, Math, Sociology, anatomy ,physiology & nutrition ..but not all GE's required. The thing is i have taken those back in 2003-05..and i heard that schools accept it if its less then 5 years old..i still havent decided yet if i am going to be willing to pay 60k to get into a private school or try and try to find a CC that will take me... so these are my questions :

1. Do you know of any good programs or community colleges that wont have a wait list? if so which ones would you suggest?

2. Do all schools only accept GE classes up to 5 years old? if not which ones accept classes that are older ?

3. What do u suggest i do in the mean time that i am still working on my LVN certificate? i just dont want to waste any time and feel like maybe i should take up classes online.. do you know what prereq classes i can take up online at the moment for the RN program?

i really hope someone can help me .. i would really appreciate any in site. I love this site btw, it has so much info.

thanks guys! :nurse:

MusicNurseCarrlee, LPN, LVN

Specializes in Corrections & Developmental Disabilities. Has 17 years experience.

Computer, Speech, Music and Art Appreciation, Health, Language(Spanish,French,Latin...), Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Ethics and Philosophy classes are offered online at several community colleges. Many colleges also accept CLEP and DANTES exams with scores of C or above for credit in many subjects.

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