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You totally deserve a nice vacation after all these semesters! Relax and pamper yourself~ :balloons:

I'm fresh and green here too (still a student nurse). I've always found it much easier to deal with textbooks and tests than to actually doing hands-on skills. I guess I've been well trained to be a good test-taker. I could pass skills test and perform a perfect procedure with no problem while in school. But once I get to the floor and need to perform the same procedure, I become clumsy (forgetting what supply to get and etc). :o

So I try to shadow nurses around (if they allow) and learn how they do thing. When I think I'm ready with certain skills, I would offer my help and do it for them with their other patients (they truly would appreciate it).

Practice makes it perfect, so don't give up. I believe the skills would come around in no time. :)

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