HELP!! How to go around the waitlist problem??


Hello all, I really need some help with with what to do about getting into nursing with the ever increasing problem of not enough spaces in the programs for QUALIFIED applicants. I have been turned away twice now from my local community college due to this.

I am really frustrated now...I don't know what can be done about this. I understand that there are not enough people teaching nursing and that is why the class sizes have to be limited...but this is kinda crazy now....I am starting to think I wasted time and money taking all of these prereq's :o

I guess my question is how practical is it for me to take an LPN program with the intent to do an LPN to RN bridge? Does this make sense? ....I am tired of sitting around waiting.... Does the same problem of the waitlist exist for the LPN to RN Bridge? Anybody ever do this and it worked out in their favor? Help!!

I guess I would just wait on the waitlist. Most of us have had to wait. I was on the list...for about 2 years. But now I start in January.

If you have the money, an LPN program would be feasible. I had thought about that too, but the LPN program in my area cost 20,000 and to go for a ADN at the community college will be about 12,000. So the cost alone was worth the wait for me.

I don't think there is such a long wait normally if you are bridging.

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A very good plan indeed, one that many people take. There is virtually no waitless here for the LPN to RN bridge, but it could be different where you are, best to check that out.

Good luck!

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