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Help with honors research project

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hello all rns, i am a honors nursing student and am seeking your quick help in my research project.

for my project, i developed a depression screening tool for nurses to use with patients in the clinical setting. the tool is based on the diagnostic criteria for depression that is found in the dsm-iv.

the major part of my research is to implement it into practice and then receive feedback from the staff. however, i have also created an internet survey form of this. the link below will take you directly to my online project. since you cannot implement the tool, i have adjusted to feedback questionnaire accordingly, as to hypothetically using it and opinion based questions. please help out and take a couple minutes to browse the tool and answer 10-11 questions about it. any help forwarding this along to other nurses and any advice on the feedback questions would be greatly appreciated! this survey is only available for licensed nurses, but if others are interested, the tool is available just by clicking the link as well.


thank you,


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I've answered the survey. You put a great deal of work into it. It looks very professional!


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