Help with HIPPA?

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I'm getting conflicting info from my employer as to what we can "release" to family of patients under HIPPA laws. I was basically taking a "No info" approach initially, as per instructed. But then some other coworkers gave me a leaflet that said we could give out some generic info like "patient stable" etc. I did a web search & found lots of HIPPA sites, but most were of the variety that you pay for CEUs. I was hoping for a succinct (free) site, to get the basics. My problem seems to be with concerned family members who are worried sick; they visit their loved one then go home & call me later for an "update on status." I'm not sure what to say. Do any of you know of a good website? Thank you!

I am not sure of any websites, but I know at our facility, we have the patients sign a waiver that lets us release info to certain people. They can write specific people to give info to, or write "anyone" on there. I know out ICU has them give a password, and then before any info is given out, they have to give the password.

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