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Help! Help! Help!

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Hello, I am trying to find out if Alabama nursing homes/health facilities/special care facilities, etc. care for a patient fitting this description:

26-year old female, quadripeligic. Her spine is crushed, requiring her to be on a ventilator for 4 hours each day (while she is sleeping).

Assuming her insurance/funding is taken care of, are Alabama facilities licensed to assist a patient of this nature?

I have been told there are no Alabama facilities that can/will take ventilator patients and I am trying to confirm this and find out more details.

If this is the case, where does the patient go?

Thanks very much for any basic information you all can provide.


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Is this a hypothetical situation?

If not, where is this woman now? Is there a social worker involved? One of the functions o social workers is to help with placement

I can't imagine that therei sn't one facilty in Alabama that don't accept pts like this.

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