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Help with Grant application

by khaley69 khaley69 (New) New

I got a email that BCBS has grant program maximum $1000 this is my 2nd year of school nursing and I need help of how I would use the money. I have write proposal addressing each of following areas: Program encourages health lifestyle by either one of the following 1. reduce cardio risk factor 2. promote physical activity 3. Encourage health eating habits.

then I need goals and how the program will be measured along with financial summary of the funds. Any ideas?


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I would love to help you but I think what would be helpful is to hear what is our current school population. Elementary school, Middle school, high school. Are you public, private?

Also, think about things that you are currently doing? Write those down in bullet points.

Next, for the budget, do you spend out-of-pocket for things that you need to do your job? For example, do you need posters, etc.

What is the best way for your population to receive the message of any of those goals? Meaning, do your students like hands on activities. It would be easier to help with a budget and pricing things out if you know what is the best way to deliver the message of any one of the three areas.

The best way to start is to do a quick assessment of your current school

Different ages would mean a different delivery.

How serious are these issues with your population - are you inner city, suburbs, limited access area? How is access to variety of foods?

Good Luck with the grant.