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I apologize if I am posting in the wrong place. But need help with info on my catheter. recently had lapro inguinal hernia repair and came out of it with urine retention. was told needed a catheter for a few days to recover and remove.

First I am sensitive and have high anxiety. so going through with the hernia repair was a big step for me and very emotional and now i have a catheter and doubled stressed and cant sleep and very emotional from the experience. now i have to wait almost 4 days to get it removed. :cry: my problem is not knowing how the foley catheter works. Im so stressed out and figure who better to ask for help then nurses.

my main question is about the urine that fills in the tube. do i have to lift the tube and guide the urine in the bag when i see it or does it automatically flow up into the bag? the bag is lower then me but the tube is pretty long so it doesn't slope directly into the top of the bag. goes gravity really get it into the bag alone?

My other concern is where the tube enters the member. I have heard its normal for some build up/leakage and to clean a few times a day. which i have been doing. is it normal to add ointment to the area after cleaning or let alone? seams a little dry looking.

Lastly, the nurse told me to monitor my liquid in take and make sure i get the same amount out. last night i drank 1800ml and before bed I drained out 1200ml. i was happy to see when i woke the next morning with only 3 hours sleep through the night i had the other 600ml in the bag from the night before. whats weird and kinda makes me nervous is this morning i only drank 600ml from 6am - 10am and have put out in the bag 1200ml. where is the extra 600ml of liquid coming from?

Any helpful info would be helpful and i appreciate your time.


Sorry I had another question just added it to the original post

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Good you came out of your original surgery well. It's different to be the patient rather than the nurse, certainly!

Now for recovery time!

As stated in the Terms of Service, however, none of us can give any medical advice.

This is for your safety, as none of us knows your history, nor can we examine you. Plus, on your end, how do you know any of us who replies is truly a nurse?

Please call your Provider or the Service for answers to the questions you have.

I wish you a rapid recovery!

Closing this now.

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