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Help finding nursing staff for my college!


Hi, sorry if this post sounds spammy but I'm a real person, lol. The LVN program at a community college I am hoping to go to is in need of both a director and an instructor. The college is in a rural town about an hour and a half frm Reno in the mountains. It is a nice community near a national park. I think the reason most people don't stay with the school is that the weather here isn't the greatest, we have snow in the winters, ,lol. Anyways if any of you know someone interestd in living in northern California in the mountains where it snows at winter and isn't all sunshine daydreams lik the coast please pass on this link!



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Love that part of California and wouldn't mind teaching but not a big fan of the high taxes in California and the high cost of gas and food. Hope you find someone. And snow sounds great by the way.

"work effectively with high –risk, under-prepared, and special-needs students" this doesn't sound particularly attractive, either.

Thanks for the feedback. Although the state taxes are er quite high regardless of county, the cost of living in this part of Northern CA are much low than anywhere else in the state. Reno is about an hour and a half away and is the closest city so most gas and food would be lower too. I am not sure what the average wage for a DON or instructor is so I will assume from the response on here that the pay is too low for the position?

As for the "work with high risk, under prepared and special needs students" I am truly surprised! The prereqs for the LVN program are comparable to RN program's hours away in the central valley. Due to the location being rural and remote there are not hundreds of applicants per term but the prereqs include a year of academics and being a CNA. I know I have spent a lot of effort getting the grades needed to fell competitive applying for the program!

Thanks for th well wishes, I am crossing my fingers and keeping it in my prayers. I can't afford to relocate to the central valley of Ca or pay out of state tuition in Reno so this program is my, and many other rural locals, only option for getting started in nursing.

I would love to live and teach in California, but a program without a Director and short on staff spells DISASTER. If I were you, I would look at another school, because I can bet my nurse's cap no one will be accountable for where you will end up as a student. Go to a stable program.