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Help finding companies names of companies hiring remote CCM


Has 6 years experience.

  Hi all,

       I am a variable private duty RN BSN whom has bilateral dorsal pedal arthritis with cysts. Looking to the future, when I can no longer perform direct care, I would like to be a remote CCM who directs pts to different services they are entitled to. So I guess I would be working with/for a company that gets referrals from hospitals. I have 2 clients that had fallen through the cracks, both seen at world renown children's hospitals. One client, w/ MD,  just found out 5 yrs ago they were entitled to nursing, he's almost 40 yo. My other client's mom stated she found out they were entitled to services "because she asked the right question". This is something I could not fathom and decided right there that I was going to be a CCM. A remote/independent CCM, that hospitals refer pts to, so I can help facilitate/direct them to all the services available to them.

  My question is,.... are there companies out there that may fit what I'm looking for?  if yes I would love to know company's name.