Help to find a preceptor!

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I am in an MSN-FNP program and I am having a hard time finding a preceptor! Many places I call have staffing shortages, have a contract with med students, etc. I am in the Flint, Michigan area but am willing to travel! I am also open to any advice!

Thank you!

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Does your school provide any resources such as facilities that were used in the past and already have a field site agreement in place? My MSN Ed program provided a list of facilities and the specialty the agreement was created for to all students in the semester that they were to submit the application for practicums.


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My school has a directory through Typhon. However, that doesn't guarantee you will find one but you do have to start some where. We also have coordinator that is suppose to help you as well. This is one of the challenges of NP programs finding a preceptor to meet your objectives. Joining NP organization is another good resource too. :-)