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Help me figure out how to make it through school...PLEASE!!!


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I am in my second year of a two year program. The first year was a BREEZE!!! I finished the end of the year with all A's and just a few B'S. This year...I feel like I am barely hanging on by a thread. I study and study...but can't seem to find anything that works. We are moving so fast, and I'm just feeling really overwhelmed. Any advice on how I can make through this semester and only 1 more semester after this in order to graduate? I really want to be able to feel confident about what I've studied when I go in to lecture and testing. Please....any advice is so much appreciated!!! Thanks!


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Are you reviewing NCLEX style questions every week? You should be doing at least 100 NCLEX style questions from Saunders or another book every week.