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Help me decide what to do please!

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I am in my early 30s with a family. Graduated with a BA and have been doing office work ever since. Nursing was my original major and I dropped it because I didn't like my first science course (biggest mistake ever). I am revisiting nursing now and looking to apply to a 12 month accel BSN program soon. I spent all of 2010 balancing work, family, and school in order to fufill the prereq courses that I didn't take as an undergrad. There are many reasons why I think nursing is a good field and fit for me BUT I am starting to wonder if now is the right time. Am I doing the right thing? Hearing lots and lots of layoffs and RNs having a tough time finding a job. There will be many sacrifices if I get into the BSN program and of course there is the whole tuition factor. What to do....each day I go back and forth and I am so confused!

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

I do not know you, so I'm just going to say it.

Go to nursing school. You have done all of the pre-reqs. and know that the 12-month program will be challenging. I assume you are not scared of a challenge, so just go for it. Make sure your family supports you, though.

I was in a similar situation. Previous BA and doing office work. One day I went to work and told myself, "this is it." That day I enrolled in classes and now I'm a second semester student. Personally, I have the least amount of worries about finding a job after graduating. There will always be a job somewhere.

Now, apply to the accelerated BSN program and become a RN within 12-14 months. Or, you can go back to your "office job." You choose.

I hope I wasn't to harsh, but that's the kind of kick in the butt my friend gave me. And trust me, I needed. Quitting a comfortable job was the LAST thing on my mind.

One life to live, use it wisely.

I appreciate your response and at the end of the day you are probably right! I see you are in your second semester. Is it nursing school? Do you like it? I really enjoy hearing other stories like my own!

Go for it. Fulfill your dreams nothing in life we desire come easily.

Yes, I'm in my second semester of nursing school. So far, it's not too bad. I study ~ 2-3 hrs. per weekday and more on the weekends. If you get the concepts of the material, you will be fine.


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