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Help..dealing with colleagues, "not-so-nice" boss and hospital admin.

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Hello everyone. I have just been offered a job in one busy acute hospital in Saudi Arabia, so I did a little research about this place and there were several nurses complaining about the hospital, the Director of Nursing and some colleagues. Work conditions they say are really bad, that the Nurse Director and other nurse managers are inconsiderate..

Now I just want to stay positive and go one with my visa processing. I decided I would take the job because to be honest, jobs these days are rare especially in the nursing field. Also, I need to add more years in my experience and given the reputation of this 600 beds acute hospital, I know I will gain a lot of skill and knowledge in bed side nursing care. However, reading all of those negative feedback do scare me a little. I just want to prepare myself emotionally and mentally.

Having said all that, I would like to ask for some advice from all you seasoned nurses on how you deal with difficult people (colleagues, bosses, nurse managers etc.) and how you go about with extreme work conditions. I suppose I just need encouraging words to get me going for whatever is in store for me in my new workplace.

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