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First things first...

A big thank you to everyone that is posting on this board. I have been lurking around

this forum for the past 3-4 months; reading and re-reading post after post. And, the

tid-bits of knowledge I have gained, regarded what 'eductionally' is needed to become

a nurse, is largely because of you (and

Anyways, about me. I am 26 yrs old and I have my A.S in Psychology. My original plan

was to transfer into SDSU for Psych, but I switched majors after I completed my A.S

with hopes of Med School. However, I need a B.A/B.S in something first, in addition to

the 2 semesters each of; Bio, Chem, Organic Chem, and Physics ... not to mention 1

semester of Calc.

So I decided to go the BSN route for my BS... Currently (since I have my A.S. in Psych) all I

have LEFT for the SDSU BSN transfer is Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology.

(I have taken Chem 101 w/lab (received A), Biology 107 w/lab (received A) and Child

Development (received A). In other words Fall semester 12/09 I will have completed my

pre-nursing requirements. I go to orientation for Volunteer at UCSD medical March 16th

to start my volunteer hours.

My question is probably much like others... So I'll have some extra room for some classes

before I hit SDSU. I am thinking I take my 2 semester of Physics. Then while in the BSN

program pick up a bio here and a chem their, so by the time I get out, i'll only have 2 semester

left of pre-med, then hit medschool. (within that year I'll study for my MCAT, and I will study for

the whole year.... I am really loyal like that, and I know what I want)

Anyways, I understand that the nursing field and medicine are two totally different monsters.

But, I imagine that (yes it might take me a year longer) at least with nursing I will get a taste of

clinicals and the health profession.

Anyways, Are their RN to MDs here? Should I just go another route? Biology? And IF I did and

Didn't get into Med School would I have something to :o fall back on? Which I Imagine

nursing would a more stable degree/career while I do pre-med.

Anyways, I hope I don't get flamed :angryfire for saying that since I WANT to go into medicine,

but thinking of BSN as a counter measure (just in case) so I don't get a degree in Biology

that I might not be able to use. (To some might sound like I am not 100% dedicated in

going into medicine, which YOUR RIGHT im not... I am 120% dedicated.)


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I know plenty of nurses who have earned an M.D. I worked for one several years ago, and he did have an understanding of the nursing practice and how it differs from medicine. His daughter worked as RN several years, then as heart profusionist, now as cardiololgist. My advice is to take whatever is needed for BSN. Accomplish one goal at a time. Another option would be to talk to someone in the School of Medicine and request a degree plan. That can save you time and money. Good luck



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I think you are saying 'not' to rush.... And, like you said just aim for 1 thing, once I hit it, then get the next. (And that is my delimma. I want to do 1 goal at a time, that was my intention, but I keep thinking that I Am 26....

By the time I am 29 I'll have my BSN. Which another 1-2 for premed 32....

Is 40 to old get your MD?


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It wasn't for the lady I mentioned above. And she was a single Mom. I was 45 when I STARTED nursing school and now am teaching it (after graduate school). You are going to get older anyway - may as well be working towards a goal. I hear that 40 is the new 30---:)

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I went to college with several friends who were pre-med. One ended up going on to medical college and one did not get accepted. Everything rides on how well you do on the MCAT. If you score well on the MCAT you will be contacted by the med schools you list on your MCAT score card for interviews. Also, do not discount osteopathic schools of medicine as alternatives if you do not get into an AMA school of medicine. They are just as good.

There are so many other options in healthcare careers. You could train as a PA (physician assistant), any of the radiation technologies, optometry, pharmacy or dentistry come to mind. I was always fascinated with the guys who fitted patients for prosthetics (legs and braces) or fixed the x-ray machines which break down on a regular basis.



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Thanks... I guess my next question is the study material. I can ACE my premed classes no matter how tough they are... Time/Dedication, Reading the material, exercising the ideas, comprehension rather then memorization.... and all the above.

(I was a crappy student before, learned anything can be achieved and turned a 2.0 GPA into a 3.2, and rising) (Basically 1-2years of C-Bs and another 2 years of A's) Which I will Continue My 'A' progression through my BS.

Anyways, back to the question... If I ace my Premed classes, study around that 'scope' get study material mixed with TIME. would I be prepared for the MCAT? OR does the MCAT require more learning like a BS in Biology/Chemistry rather than a BSN, which looks like the major consist of 'specific' nursing classes that does not deal with Biology nor Chemistry as a major.

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