Help! Clueless nursing grad from Canada!

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*ps semi-long story ahead but my canadian school has no idea about working in the states so I really need help

I recently graduated (bachelor of science) from nursing school from Canada (montreal), and am really confused with how to apply for licensure in the states. I have a permanent residence card (green card) for the U.S so I thought it would be great to move to either New York or California to be a nurse.

Currently, I am actually taking a summer course (physics) because I realized late that I didn't pass the subject and need to re-take it. This course finishes on August 15, and thus, I will "officially" be done with all the requirements for nursing school then. I haven't applied to any state nursing board right now because I need to send my transcript and right now I haven't officially finished all my prerequisites. Since I realized that nursing licensure can be a really long process I was thinking, should I send my other documents all in even if my transcript is not ready? Then, make my school send in my transcript> Additionally, since I am still pretty indecisive about where to live--can I apply to two states nursing board?

Basically, from what I understand, I apply for licensure, then I get my ATT (this could take up to 4 months) and then I am allowed to take the NCLEX and when I pass, I can then work? Also, I'm not in the states so once I pass the test, should I move to the states then find a job or is it possible to get a job without an interview by applying online?

Sorry for all these questions but I just feel like I have no clue what to do since all of my friends are working in Canada and the process is different.

Any information would really be appreciated! (:

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Do you have plans to register in Canada before the US?

Each state has their own requirements but most require CES report from CGFNS. The process to register in the US takes on average 4-6 months and as long as you meet requirements you will get eligibility to sit NCLEX.

Better to look for work before you make your move and I doubt you will get a job without a interview

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