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Help clarify! Surgical vs ICU

Norm J Norm J (New) New

I am not a medical person, the sight of blood makes me queasy. I am asking for understanding for my wife. I am deployed an away from regular communications with her.

There is a job open for a Nurse Specialist(Surgical Subspecialty) in a hospital nearby. She is a 25year ICU nurse. A wonderful woman who I praise her for all of the aches and pains I see her endure for so many years. Her chief complaint is the body pains from moving and lifting sedentary 300-400lbs people day in and day out.

I've asked her about teaching, management, other opportunities, she is an RT though she has not done this in about 15 years dedicated.

This position has come up and I had a chance to call her on it but she said they are totally different jobs.

I will not have another chance to talk with her for about another week but this question is racking my brain, is it not possible to crossover from ICU to Surgical. My Navy brain is not making since of the differences. Please help.

I love her and truly want her to get into a position of better care for herself and if this is a chance, I would love to provide her with all of the support and information to help nudge her into a better, healthier life!

JustBeachyNurse, RN

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Is this a clinical nurse specialist job? If so that is an additional credential than just RN/BSN. It's masters' level position with post masters certification as a CNS (clinical nurse specialist). Has your wife considered PACU or home health or case management? Home health agencies would jump on the chance to hire an experienced ICU nurse with higher acuity patients being sent to home care post acute hospitalization. If she has experience with PICC lines and port a caths plus the specialized drugs she could look into home infusion nursing also.