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help choosing a preceptorship


I get to choose my preceptorship at the end of this semester (to precept in the spring), and I'm not sure what to choose! i would like to become either a Family NP or Pediatric NP someday, and i'm wondering whether i'll get more beneficial experience on a med-surg floor or in the ER. My school limits our preceptorship options to med-surg floors (we get to pick which type of med-surg, but not peds, psych, or ob), ER, ICU's (but not nicu or picu), and possibly OR. I would love to precept in pediatric med-surg, nicu, or picu, but these aren't an option. i also can't do adult ICU because i won't take critical care until next semester. if you have any advice, it'll be greatly appreciated :)


Krista :)