Help choosing Fall 09 aBSN program NYU vs Uof Miami!?

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Hi everyone. This is my first thread and I would really appreciate any opinions or recommendations for my choice. I have been accepted to two schools that I am really excited about, NYU (15 months) and U of Miami (12 months) for accelerated BSN programs for fall 2009. I am very torn because of various issues such as reputation, location, and duration of program and would love to hear your thoughts. If anyone has been through the program I would really appreciate any input. Future plans include crna school. Thank you so much!


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Well one of the major concerns should be tuition. NYU's tuiton is 40k a year, UofM follows it at around 35K a year. Neither of these prices including books. Also where you plan on living. I live in NYC and it is in no way a cheap place to live. I've heard both programs are pretty good, NYU having the better reputation of course but NYU has very big nursing classes and it would depend on if you would be comfortable with that. People have said on this forum that they had over 100 people in their nursing lectures. Though I dno't know how big UofM's nursing classes are.

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