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Help! I'm a PCT of 11 years & already have my B.S. degree in Health Sciences. I'm debating between going PA or RN. I don't know what direction to go.

If I went PA: Would only need 2 more pre-req to apply. Then 2-yr. program. (Tougher to get in)

If I went RN: Already done with all pre-req. Would have to get another B.S. degree & then go on to NP. (2 yrs. plus another 2 yrs. for NP) Easier to get in.

I want to see pts. in the clinic, write scripts, round in hospital and diagnose.

I recently applied to a concurrent adn/bsn program and didn't get in. 200 applied for 89 spots. I'm so discouraged and don't know what to do. I however, have to apply again, next round. I'm 34 and need to make a move very soon!

Thank you!


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You made it clear that you have no desire to work as an RN. Do not waste your time with nursing school at this point.


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Go for PA! You already have the healthcare experience (11 years is awesome), have a Bachelors degree, and just need two more classes. In the time it would take to get your BSN, you could be a PA! It would take twice as long to become an NP, which would be frustrating since being a provider is your main goal. Best of luck!