HELP! how do you choose or where do you find out more?


So I've been accepted at Youngstown/St Elizabeth and they are waiting on a deposit to accept my place in school for fall 2020. But I still have an interview coming up at Albany in April.

Now its been super hard to find more info or insight into either of their programs! Benefits or comments on one or the other. Whether one gets better clinical exposure than the other. Does anyone have any insight into either program? Their faculty? Their sites? Experiences? or how did you get the info to help you decide between programs?

What I have found is that Youngstown does do open hearts, lots of different clinical sites which I m not sure if it means more travel for sites. Unsure if we compete with residents but there are a lot of cases that they have on average per student. Unsure of regional experience or other skills, and they were a little indirect about answering this. Albany I did read competes with residents, only observes open hearts, and unsure of regional experience as well. Don't know about traveling to sites other than I believe most are right at Albany Med.


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1 hour ago, CVnurse2014 said:

only observes open hearts

To me, that is a big red flag. Idk how you found out that information but I would run when I heard that. Sounds like they deal with some oppressive MDAs.