Help with my capstone EBP project

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I am in the final semester of Nursing School and have been placed on an Oncology unit for my preceptorship. I need to develop a PICOT question related to an oncology issue that will give me a fantastic capstone EBP project? Can anyone help me with question ideas?


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Talk with the nurses on the unit to discuss what problems/issues they are seeing with their patients/unit to spark a project idea.

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You've been taking care of oncology patients and observing how these patients are treated. Do you have any questions about WHY they are treated in the way they are? Why X medication is given? Why each different chemo is given? How and way the treatments are scheduled is the way they are? Have you ever wondered if it really makes a difference? Or if there was something better?

That's the basis for your PICO question. Identify something you're curious about (it can be a medication, a nursing intervention, a psycho/social topic), come up with an alternative, and research it to see which one helps the most.

Here's some examples I might choose if I was doing a PICO in pediatrics:

Does the presence of Child Life Specialists during medical procedures decrease anxiety in patients under 8 years old?

Does the administration of multi-vitamins twice daily divided doses reduce vomiting in premature neonates compared to once daily administration?