Help!! Cant find RGN vacancy in Perth!!


hi all!!

im not the most patient of people but ive been searching daily to try apply for vacancies in perth. Im looking to live joondalup/currambine/butler/ocean reef areas ive sent cv etc to joondalup hc but not heard a peep. Is there anywhere else i can try? How far from these areas is charlies or the RPH. any help would be great!!




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no such thing as RGN in OZ you need to look for RN posts


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hi thanks for that!


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Hello! I'm currently living In Perth northern suburbs as an RN too!

To answer your question RPH is in the central city of Perth and normally takes 25 - 35 minutes to get to depending on traffic!

There are many hospitals/retirement homes and agencies available in the northern suburbs of Perth

Hospitals include - Joondalup, glengarry hospital, Sur Charles gardener hospital, princess margaret hospital just to name a few and are all within a 30min radius.

Also an agency is silver chain - home hospital.

Anymore questions, feel free to ask. Kind regards