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Help with becoming specialized...

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Hi everybody,

I have been a RN for 2 and half years working at a Skilled Nursing Facillity, sub-acute floor. It is very similiar to a med/surge floor except I have up to 25 patients:) I have been wanting for about 6 months now to transition into a hospital med/surg floor and I have been applying reguarly to every hospital in the state. I am wondering if anyone has any advice to get my foot in the door? I haven't got any calls for interviews in this time. I have gotten 100's of computer generated rejection letters however:) Feeling frustrated and not sure if there is anything else I can do to help get the experience I need to get into the hospital? I have also called the recruiters from the hospitals and they said to just keep doing what I have been doing. I do have a BSN also. Any advice would be much appreciated:) Thank you.

sommeil, ASN, RN

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I graduated in August of 2012. I applied for almost 100 jobs before I applied at a SNF where I got hired instantly. I kept applying for hospital jobs but I started hand carrying my resume to the HR department of each hospital. Some told me right away they were not hiring but some of the hospital recruiters sat down and gave me tips on how to improve my resume. Once a month I stopped in to see those recruiters and 6 months later I got an interview and a job at a hospital. Don't give up. Keep applying.. but also go down in person and visit them and drop off a resume.

Have you tried applying for a tele position? I worked in a SNF, and then started applying to hospitals. In my area there is a great demand for tele nurses. I didn't get a single call about med-surg, but had interviews at three hospitals for a tele position. I easily landed a job at my choice, and I absolutely love it. Completely different than the SNF, but I have learned so much.