Help with Assessments!


What are some good mneumonics for ASSESSMENT of CHEST PAIN and ASSESSMENT of ABDOMINAL PAIN?

I have an interview in a couple weeks at the hosptial to work as a student nurse and I'm guessing that they may ask these types of questions about assessment. I need something to help me remember under pressure!

I am on the right track?..

Pt complains of chest pain:

-Ask patient when it started? (onset)

-Ask patient what the pain feels like? (quality) and is it radiating anywhere?

-Does pt seem SOB? Ask pt is they are having SOB? Assess lung sounds.

-Ask patient if they have had chest pain in the past?

-Where they doing something that brought on the pain, such as exercising?

-Ask about medications pt is on?


Abd pain:

- onset?

- where is pain located? radiating? quality? pain scale?

- Any nausea or vomiting?

- Last BM? flatus?

- Bowel sounds

- Gentle palpation to feel for masses, tender areas, rigidity, rebound tenderness?

**What am I missing for both pain assessments??

Thanks so much everyone! Your responses are greatly appreciated!


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