Hello everyone!

Im a nursing student in my second year. This semester started out rough for me. Received a 79 on my first pharm exam, 64 on my first fundamentals/foundations exam, and 69 on my first health assessment exam.

Honestly, Im better than these grades, I know I can do better. But, I need help, just guidance please. I spoke to my foundations professor, she is not the best person to ask for help from.

So my question to you guys is, how should i study for foundations and health assessment? What I used to do was just make questions for the chapter, but I feel like this is more so application. I bought the fundamentals success book which I think will save me this semester. I also bought a study guide for both pharmacology and foundations.

I think Im on the right track. Just wanted help with more suggestions as far as applying the information to the test and studying better. I know now, nursing isnt about memorizing, more so.. How do we do things in best interest of our patients.

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There is not a one size fits all study method. Have you taken a learning styles inventory to determine how you best learn? My personal favorite is the VARK questionnaire. Knowing your learning style can help you determine quality study methods. Quantity of studying isn't sufficient if you aren't retaining and applying the information.

I agree. I guess my down fall in the beginning was having that one size fits all mindset and using others techniques rather than finding my own. I did the VARK questionnaire. My highest scores were in visual and kinesthetic. Which I had an idea about already some what. Do you have any suggestions for someone who learns that way and use those methods in Foundations and Health assessment?