Help me:Are you someone who transferred from CUNY LaGCC to Beth Israel/know someone w


Are you someone who transferred from CUNY LaGCC to Beth Israel/know someone who did?

If so,I need you.

I'm currently a CUNY LaGCC pre-nursing student.I'm planning to transfer to Beth Israel for the Fall 2008 session and will have finished all my non-nursing prereqs including the Med Math dosage.

I'd like to know what your experience with the transfer of credits has been,i.e if Beth Israel accepted all your credits from LAGCC?

Thanks in advance.


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I am currently in my first year at Beth Israel. I transfered from Nassau Community College and did the evening program at BI.

Everything for me transfered over except child development psych. They want life span developmental psych and nutrition is another hard class to transfer over.

Go to the website, and look for email address. Send them the description from you course catalog of all the classes that are needed and see if they will accept those credits.

For the math dosage class, you will have to take the challenge exam. If you do not pass the challenege exam then you will have to take that class over again too.

Also if you do not have all the pre-reqs done, here is my suggestion, google suny online network and find the classes that you are missing. Send them over to BI and find out if those clsas description will pass and take as many pre reqs you can get out of the way. Its much easier to get through nursing school having done everything except the actual nursing classes.

Hope this helped.


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i just did what u said by sending them a description of the course i've yet to take and inquired if they would grant me transfer credits on 'em. They were quick to respond and I'll now be working on those.Thanks so much for the advice.btw, which evening program are u in, the one that ends in august/june? I wanted to do august one but found they require us to be already working in a health setting to be accepted in that program along with the course reqmts.My school has the nutrition course that matches BI but it is like a part 2 and I'd have to take part 1 as a pre-req (in total almost like 6 credits) so I'll most probably take it at BI. So, how do they accommodate your Dev Psych class? U take it along with the rest of the day students?

I'll keep in touch with you and hope u'll be helpful as you've been.

Thanks once again.


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Any questions shot me an email on here!

I am in the first evening program. This is the first semester they have the program. I do not work in health setting. It is designed for that but they will allow others to do the night program.

How BI get into the school and then you tell them what section you want. They do there best to accomodate it. If you have most of hte pre reqs done then ATOP or Evening is a good option.

Starting in January Ill be taking Nutrition on Monday Evenings and then Nursing 102 on tuesday, weds and thursday evenings. This last semester they offered Dev. Psych on Monday evenings. THey told me they since i took child dev psych already I could take my psych online. So Ill be signing up for a summer class online with SUNY Online Network.

It is important to have done enlighs, sociology, gen. psych, ap1 & 2, ethics. You can take dev psych, nutrition and micro at BI. I took Microbiology in a summer session at NCC. MUCH EASIER.

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