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Help! Applying to ABSN Nerves

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So I'm about to graduate from my undergrad (BS in Psychology) and I have just a few more prereqs to take to finish the ones I need for the different ABSN programs I'm applying to.

If anybody has any suggestions on getting into ABSN programs in general, please feel free to let me know! I don't personally know anyone who is entering an ABSN program, so I need all the help I can get.

Some stats about me (so you can let me know if I need to work on anything for these apps! Please don't be rude or judge though):

- Currently at an overall 3.054 GPA, which I know I need to bring up to be a better candidate. I was originally a biology major, which already made it harder for me when I started. After switching to the psychology major in the middle of my sophomore year, my GPA did go up. I also had a very bad experience with Organic Chemistry, though. I'm not sure what my science GPA is. I also still have one more year of undergrad, though and I'm hoping to bring it up a bunch in this last year

- The lowest grade I have in my prereqs is a B- (for chemistry I & II w/ lab)

- Received a B for calc II

- I have A's in my psych classes, statistics, calc I, english, sociology, A&P I w/ lab

- I'm currently taking A&P II w/ lab at my local community college

- I have yet to take Microbiology w/lab, as well as my lifespan class (doing this fall) and even retake Organic Chemistry I for certain ABSN programs I'm applying to (planning on doing both next summer or next fall)

- Unsure if this matters so much to ABSN programs, but I haven't really worked since high school. My current "job" is getting paid through CDPAP to take care of a family member who needs the aid (I get paid for working 40 hrs/wk this summer with them)

I don't mean to brag or anything at all, I am simply stating this if anybody has any insight on applying to these programs or suggestions on how to make myself a better candidate. I'm really nervous about getting into a program because I know they can be pretty competitive and I know that my overall GPA isn't the greatest right now. So I'm looking for any advice people can offer.


I'm also really interested in Pace (their one year program), they seem like a good school with a good passing rate for the NCLEX.

I want to apply to their Pleasantville campus, however I'm confused on when the program starts for this campus (like when the first semester of classes would be)? According to Pace's website, for January entry the deadline is in September. However, when I look at other resources from Pace themselves, it's saying that ABSN begins in the spring? When I think of Spring I think of May or something, so I would like if someone could clarify this. I apologize if I sound dumb, but I just can't figure it out for some reason haha.

I apologize for the long post, thank you so much for reading and responding!! And friendly reminder, please don't be rude :'(

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I'm not qualified to answer all your questions, but I'll answer the ones I can.

A Spring ABSN - there is a program near me that is only offered once per year and theirs is a Fall start (August / September time frame). Typically a Spring start would be January - just after the new year. My Spring semester starts Jan 2. If this program is only offered as a spring start then it most likely starts in January unless you are on a quarterly system - and then I don't have any idea when it would be. Sometime between February and April???

Also - don't retake any courses until you talk with the schools that you want to go to. For my school - if you take a course and get a C and then re-take it and get an A, they still average your entire GPA - so the C hurts you no matter what. You are required to get at least a C in all your pre-reqs, but if you have a B and you retake the course, you are really just wasting time since an A won't bring up your GPA enough to make much of a difference and the stress of trying to make sure you get an A instead of a B or worse - is just too much to worry with. So talk to someone to make sure that re-taking courses will actually help you.

Lastly - if you haven't graduated - try not to. I don't know how possible it would be but certainly speak with financial aid. Once you graduate and have that first degree your financial aid opportunities change. You are allowed to have that $57,000 in student loans, but I no longer qualify for many of the scholarships or other financial aid available to those without an undergrad degree. I have had to save quite a bit before I could continue my education.

Good luck to you.

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Ok! Thank you for clarifying the whole spring thing! I just thought it was weird because like I said I think of May or something if someone says spring. Pace has two campuses: one in NYC and one in Pleasantville and the the NYC is a Fall start and the Plesantville is a Spring start.

As for retaking classes: yeah I'm making sure to keep tabs on each program's policy on retakes. I've seen some that only consider your first grade if you retake a class. Thank you, I'll definitely talk to the schools about retakes.

Yes I'm so worried about financial aid once I graduate. I'm worried about loans and the debt I may have, but I'm already in my last year of undergrad, I'm not sure how else I can extend it. I am willing to work and save a bit if I have to before I go onwards.

Thank you so much for the response!

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